Online Course: 8 ways to make more money

The number one mistake people make is the build the online course before the sell it. This is how you make mistakes! Sell it first so you can give people what they ACTUALLY want.  

  1. Make more offers of your online course

That means as soon as someone opts it to something, give them the next logical step. The more offers you make the more opportunities people will have to purchase from you.   

2. Show Proof 

People want so see something works BEFORE they buy! Show testimonials. Show them how you have done it before.  People need to know it can be real for them. 

3. Build Scarcity

Show people that your time or the product is limited. Don’t show manufactured scarcity, show them something is limited in order to get them off the fence. 

4. Raise the price of your online course

It seems obvious, right? If you tell people about the price increase, you’re also creating a type of scarcity and can give people the incentive to get off the fence and take action.  

5. Run The 5 Day Sales Sequence

This is a trend and true sequence I have personally used and many of my clients have used to talk about a bonus ending or a price increasing, but it tells people it’s time to buy.

6. Automate Your Offer

 Once you have your proven offer, it’s time to make it evergreen. You can automate the process to make money while you’re not even working. We use the PT Email Engine for these automations. But you don’t want to automate it until you know it works. 

7. Make it sustainable: Monthly Recurring Revenue

This is where the real magic happens. There are many ways to generate monthly recurring revenue, and the best way for someone else may not be the best way for you. 

8. Hire a Coach 

Working with different coaches has been the thing to accelerate my earnings the most. I didn’t get here by myself. I leveraged coaching to help me fast track my learning and growth. And that’s what you should be doing, too!

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