[Step by step] Grow a cash practice from $0 – $5K in just 30 days

I’m going to give you everything I can in the time that we’ve got. My goal is to help you get to $5k/month in the fastest time possible so you can join our Platinum Mastermind, quick your job and go all in on scaling to grow your business.

1) The CashPT Runway – 5 things you must have to start seeing patients and generating cash –

  1. License
  2. Liability insurance
  3. Space to treat patients
  4. Payment system
  5. Documentation system
  6. Cashpt Checklist

2) Mindset: It is Everything to grow!

  1. Abundance
  2. Give to Get
  3. Growth
  4. Money
  5. Sales
  6. Must be coachable

3) Sell Programs NOT Packages

  1. Don’t sell “physical therapy”
  2. You must sell the outcome they want
  3. 7 Why’s
  4. Discount the commitment not the frequency

Case Study: Hannah Sweitzer from Ft Lauderdale, (moved from Tampa earlier in the year) in her 1st week after joining the Platinum Mastermind

  1. This week I sold 6 POC PIF for a total of $10,605

4) Set the Correct Prices & Sales Script

  1. Must be priced correctly $175+/visit
  2. Don’t charge $25/muscle just for Dry Needling – price shopping
  3. If you are priced wrong you’re potentially leaving millions of dollars on the table
  4. Had 1 client in brooklyn charging only $120/hr after $175 eval, she was under priced and missing out on $50K in revenue in the remaining 3 months of the year

Mrs. Jones, based on what you shared and the conversation we’ve had,

my recommendation is for you to get started in our ….

(Back the Box/Mat/Gym, Return to Running, Back Pain, etc) Program

You’ll be able to do this [ALL VISION & GOALS they shared]

And avoid this… [All Pain (not just physical) & Struggles they told you]

It’s only $1,998 for the program and if you decide to move forward, what that looks like is,

We’ll immediately take you through our comprehensive evaluation (assuming this is during the Discovery/Free visit), create a personalized treatment program for you, send you an email with instructions for your customized home self-treatment program, we will get you scheduled for your visits and get you into the process of getting back to….

[the thing they’ve been missing out on]…

so that you can….[The transformation they want].

How does that sound?

Mrs; Jones: “great!”

Ok, how would you like to take care of this today? 

Visa or American Express?

If they ask about other payment options.

Would you like to get started with our monthly plan at $166/wk for 3 months or pay just $1,998 for the full program today and take the $94 savings?

  1. Case Study: 1 Client in Brookly who was struggling and loosing $100K/year Megan Stinson and Kaitly Voss: were charging $75/visit not $250+ in a faith based cash practice in rural Tennessee

5) Workshops – be in the community a) Dream 100

  1. Never workout alone
  2. Ask about them – script for approaching a coach
  3. Pitch a workshop or Injury Assessment
  4. How to pitch a TBD

  • Case study: Owen Johnston – made $10K from 1 workshop
  • did 3 workshops they all failed – here’s my advice… do 3 more and keep going, how to maximize your time

6) Sales Script – don’t sell “physical therapy”

  • Here’s the sales script to close people without you feeling salesy

Case Study: Megan Stinson & Katelyn Voss –  restarted cash from in network now doing $20K months, raised prices from $75/visit to over $300 in a rural town

7) Work backwards from goal – how many people per week

  1. Do this with all our new members who are just getting started
  2. $5,000/month is 3 patients at $2K POC, 4 patients at $1,500
  3. TBD to Eval rate should be 60-80% 5 TBD’s should get you 2-3 new patients
  4. What do you need to do to get 5 TBD’s per week? Even just 3 TBD’s?

How many people do you need to talk to or workshops do you need to do to get 5 TBD’s

Case Study: Kyle Womack – spoke about reverse engineering your dreams – moved back to hawaii & bought a house, what will it take to get there

8) Automate your intake, onboarding and customer retention 

  1. IntakeQ
  2. Predict the future – that they will be sore, that they will think they are done before they are
  3. Pre-frame what’s next
  4. Ask for Referrals & reviews

Case Study: Derek – $15K in 8th month in brand new town

9) Modern Day Marketing

  1. Direct Response Marketing
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Fortune is in the follow up
  4. Website
  5. Application funnel Case Study: Michael Murphy – networked with everyone, consistent, built from $0 to consistent $20K months in just 1 year

10) Get your advice from the right people – 

  • Don’t just listen to your roommate, professors or someone who’s only just started.
  • Students – don’t listen to your professors
  • PT’s be sure you’re getting advice from someone who’s actually done it and helped others do the same
  • Case Study: Robyn Ringberg – started right out of school

11) Bonus – Work in sprints and get a personalized 90 day game plan

  1. Need to have a focus
  2. Like a race horse, put on the blinders
  3. Shiny Object Syndrome and the Good Idea Fairy

I’m not just here to solve your problems, I’m here to give you bigger, better money making problems.

How to go from mobile to brick-n-mortar or into a bigger space and negotiate your lease

Like when and who to hire – to buy your time back How to invest your money and build wealth How to automate your clinic so you can start an online business or open another location

My goal with this training is to get you tot $5K/month so we can have a real conversation about joining mastermind

I’d love to invite you to hop on a Free New Patient Strategy Call. We can brainstorm some ideas, build a game plan together, see if we are a good fit to work together. Just go to www.CallwithAaron.com to book in your call.

  1. Grab a free copy of my book

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  1. Join our CashPT Blueprint Program and be a Case Study.

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