Stop Thinking. Start Doing.

Doing dope shit

  • Hike to laguna summit
  • Boat mastermind
  • Outrigger canoe
  • Javier’s

Athletes have what it takes to be successful

  • Former pro bodybuilder
  • Former pro footballer
  • Former pro water polo player
  • Fitness coaches and more

High performing team starts before building the team. My coach isn’t the smartest person in the room.
It’s the people around you who are going to lift you up.

Ultimately, It’s up to you to do the work. Doing the work.

“If it’s hard, it’s because you chose to make it hard”
“Constraints create freedom”

Taki – Lifestyle empire

  • Money, meaning and Freedom
  • What’s your impact goal?
    • 100PT’s to $100k in 2024
    • 10PT’s to $1M

What are the ingredients for your ideal year, month, and week? What are you doing?

“Starting income, not minimum wage”
“What’s the indulgence that you can’t live without that costs less than $20?”
Leadership – 80% with the team, 20% on customers and delivery


“If you are spending your time working all day and your income hasn’t gone up, you’re working on the wrong things”
-> Hire people who are smarter than you at the thing that they do.
Ask them, “so what do you think we should do?”

Marketing – only 3 options

  1. Talk to people 1-on-1
  2. Make content

Run ads

Garret Gunderson

Wealth is a byproduct of a life well lived

Playing not to lose (most people) and playing to win (entrepreneurs) are still both scarcity models

When the win is in the work, you enjoy the process along the way

When do you know if you’ve won?

Economic Independence: 10 years or less (cash flow from assets covers your expenses)

Invest in things you understand

Focus, not diversify

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