The One Thing You Have That They Don’t: Passion

Every single one of you has something that others don’t…

It’s tenacity. It’s drive. It’s passion.

These are going to allow you to transcend the struggle so that you can help people. What you have is the ability to get up every day and keep pushing play, keep moving forward, because your patients need you.

They may not need you in the same way, but people still need you. Problems are changing, but they are still out there waiting for you to fix.

Your future is up to you to decide. Don’t wait for the APTA’s telehealth webinar next week, because they are way too late. Your future is determined by your own actions. Be tenacious.

The faster you take action, the sooner your business will get back on track. So, what are you going to do?

If you feel as if you need further help during this time, learn more about my upcoming Mastermind event!

Aaron LeBauer


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