The Problem with Success


The Problem with Success

$0-$10k/Month problems

$100K/month problems

Time – problems – your too buys

Good Problems

The Struggle – Life, business, family

Everyone is struggling with something – you just don’t know about it. 

Success, privilege, health, relationships, belief, confidence, shame, fear, imposter syndrome, 

Why don’t you want to get on social media?
What you see is only part of the story.

Use social media for your business, don’t let it use you.

Once you start generating cash, where do you invest your money?

Business Bottlenecks:

Team: People lol!
Systems: Do you even have replicable systems? Where are they breaking down and causing churn or erosion?

Vision for where you are going, beyond what you can see or that feels comfortable

Time – I know you can probably get there on your own. You’ve gotten this far. The question is, how much longer are you willing to wait and would you choose a different strategy if you knew it was guaranteed to get you there faster?

You: a seasoned entrepreneur knows they are their own worst enemy and bottleneck.

Good Ideas, Too many things to do – Need a Roadmap and specific Game Plan

Freedom Paradox – the more choices and freedom you have the more restricted you feel – this is where routine, rules/bumpers and a consistent plan help you navigate life

Reset: – sometimes life forces your hand and you have to reset your vision, mission, goals and path.

The real question is what are you going to do about your situation right now?

If you have a successful business, but are not completely satisfied with your revenue, growth, free time or like me are never satisfied and would like to brainstorm some ideas and build game plan together we might be a good fit to work together in our Platinum Mastermind or as a private coaching client.

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