What Is a Mastermind Group and Why Should I Join One?

In today’s post, I wanted to share what a “mastermind” truly is, my journey with them, and why they can be so beneficial for your business!

Let’s jump into it.

People have had questions as to what a mastermind is, so I wanted to address those today. A lot of people will say that they already belong to a “mastermind” and want to know the difference between mine and whoever else’s.

First of all, I’ve been in two different masterminds over the course of about three years now: the 7-Figure Formula Mastermind and the Empire Mastermind.

The first year I started working with my current coach Bedros, my consulting business grew 250%. I put in the work, but he gave me the guidance. This last year the growth wasn’t necessarily monetary, but in time. I was able to spend over 80 days out of the office with my family.

Because of the huge successes I’d made in mastermind groups, I decided to start my own.

My current CashPT Platinum Mastermind is very different from what we first launched…

We first launched a $97/month program that gave you access to a Facebook group and a course. Then, when I saw people weren’t getting what they needed, I raised the price to $397 to give them more coaching time. That, unfortunately, didn’t work either. People still didn’t show up to calls or participate within the group. And so, I gave up that extra $30,000 in recurring revenue. I knew that with that model, I still couldn’t help people the way they needed to be.

So how is my current Platinum Mastermind program different? My students pay $1,500 a month. They get access to calls with me and the group, three in-person meetings a year, and all of my programs and courses.

Here are some ways to tell if you’re in a mastermind or not:

You’re NOT in a mastermind if…

  • You’re investing less than $1,500 a month
  • You have access to just a Facebook group or course
  • You work with a coach, but don’t have one-on-one access to them
  • It’s just a group that cheers you on and doesn’t hold you accountable

You ARE in a mastermind if you…

  • Meet together on a regular basis
  • Get coaching in a group so that multiple people’s problems are solved at once
  • Have access to a coach who can show you what you need and help you with the 10x problems, not just the small “Which intake software should I use?” problems
  • Get shit done!

My mastermind members get one year’s worth of results in 90 days. If that’s something you’d be interested in, learn more here!

Aaron LeBauer


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