What Is a Mastermind Group and Why Should I Join One?

In today’s post, I wanted to share what a “mastermind” truly is, my journey with them, and why they can be so beneficial for your business!

Let’s jump into it.

People have had questions as to what a mastermind is, so I wanted to address those today. A lot of people will say that they already belong to a “mastermind” and want to know the difference between mine and whoever else’s.

First of all, I’ve been in two different masterminds over the course of about three years now: the 7-Figure Formula Mastermind and the Empire Mastermind.

The first year I started working with my current coach Bedros, my consulting business grew 250%. I put in the work, but he gave me the guidance. This last year the growth wasn’t necessarily monetary, but in time. I was able to spend over 80 days out of the office with my family.

Because of the huge successes I’d made in mastermind groups, I decided to start my own. However, the current CashPT Platinum Mastermind I offer is very different from what we first launched.

We first launched a $97/month program that gave you access to a Facebook group and a course. Then, when I saw people weren’t getting what they needed, I raised the price to $397 to give them more coaching time. That, unfortunately, didn’t work either. People still didn’t show up to calls or participate within the group. And so, I gave up that extra $30,000 in recurring revenue. I knew that with that model, I still couldn’t help people the way they needed to be.

So how is my current Platinum Mastermind program different? My students pay $1,500 a month. They get access to calls with me and the group, three in-person meetings a year, and all of my programs and courses.

Here are some ways to tell if you’re in a mastermind or not:


You’re NOT in a mastermind if…

  • You’re investing less than $1,500 a month
  • You have access to just a Facebook group or course
  • You work with a coach, but don’t have one-on-one access to them
  • It’s just a group that cheers you on and doesn’t hold you accountable


You ARE in a mastermind if…

  • You meet together on a regular basis
  • You get coaching in a group so that multiple people’s problems are solved at once
  • You get access to a coach who can show you what you need and help you with the 10x problems, not the small “Which intake software should I use?” problems
  • Finally, you get shit done!


I hope that helped clear up a little bit of what makes masterminds different.


My mastermind members get one year’s worth of results in 90 days. If that’s something you’d be interested in, learn more here!


Aaron LeBauer


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