Your ADHD Superpower

The ADHD Problem

You’ve been told you’re stupid for not remembering things.

You sat in a room with no windows and told to “just study harder”.

You’ve been told you’re not good enough for forgetting your homework.

Struggled in school to get straight A’s? But you’re intuitive and great with your hands?

ADHD how it effects me and how I manage it

If you have ADHD, you are a problem solver and need to leverage that super power.

My ADHD Superpowers are solving complex problems and locking on to a target and not letting go.

I see solutions to problems others can’t see or can’t see for themselves.

It’s what has helped me be able to charge $250/hour for physical therapy when everyone else thinks physical therapy is only worth the co-pay.

I why I am a coach and have a coach.

This is also what gets me in trouble in personal relationships.

It was really hard listening to my ex when she just wanted to process her feelings and what happened. I just wanted to solve the problem, make a decision and move on.

It’s even what bugs me about my mom.

She’s always trying to solve my problems instead of just listening to me.

it’s why my daughter and I clash, fight or bicker as other people see it. She also wants to be heard and with every problem I see a simple solution.

5 Ways I manage my ADHD

1) Write it down – Make Lists

2) Calendar – if it doesn’t exist in my calendar it’s not happening.

3) Take action on the small things and complete the tasks

4) Time Timer 0- time block

5) Maintain a routine

-keys/wallet always in the same place,

-Wake up and workout at the same times

-weekly schedule – work in the morning, calls in the afternoons

6) Medicate – Take Ritalin – it keeps me from having to jungle all the balls, even in the afternoons when I’m with my kids

The bigger the problem you can solve the more impact you will have and the more money you can make.

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